Friday, July 12, 2013

It Was An Honor Mom

Erik's family gathered in California, last week, to celebrate the life of his mom.  What a remarkable woman she was.  I fell in love with her on our first meeting while Erik and I were just dating.  She treated me as a daughter from the moment Erik and I married and there was never any in-law awkwardness between us.  I will never forget the excitement in her voice when we told her that we would finally be giving her 3 granddaughters!  She couldn't wait to meet them and the shower of spoils started immediately.  Of course the girls fell in love with her as soon as they climbed onto her lap and she sealed the deal with apple pie and ice cream for breakfast! 

That smile!

 The gang is gathered! 
Gary, Bernie, Egon, Erik, Chuck, Lesly, Cason, Jim, Steven, Toni, Becky, Dorothy, Tex
Serenity, Priscilla, Melody, Larry

Chuck, Toni, Steven, Erik, Jim 

 Uncle Larry, Gary and Bernie

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