Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"One Little Word"

My friend Holly posted a blog titled "One Little Word" last night.  It peeked my interest as Holly likes to get a little creative with her titles too.  As I began to read her post I kept getting the feeling that this little project fits in with exactly what Erik and I had been talking about with the coming of the new year.  

Here is One Little Word in a the beginning of each new year you choose one simple word that you want to have as your theme or inspiration for the coming months. You write it down. You hang it in your house. You keep it in the back of your head and let it guide you through the year. I think it’s a great idea because it’s simple and stress-free… yet one little word can have a lot of meaning and power. (Thanks Holly!) Pretty simple!!
I have been trying to think of a word all morning.  My first one was change but that seemed to cliche.  Then healthy came to mind as it fits in many aspects of what we want out of the coming year but I still didn't feel like that was it.  Then it happened...the girls started arguing!  This is nothing new, but we are trying a different approach, to lessen the arguments, and trying to help the girls understand how their actions do not bring peace, and harmony, to our homes.  I asked the girls if they felt like they were bringing happiness and harmony to our home with their argument and then it hit me,  HARMONY!  

Harmony is my One Little Word.  Not just for the girls but for myself and our home.  I have felt out of tune lately and have been blaming it on worldly troubles, some of which are valid concerns, but not an excuse to be a "Debbie Downer", which is exactly how I have been!  So now the fun begins!  

If anyone else decides to do this leave your word in the comments and we can encourage and remind one another!  

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