Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Thanksgiving?

November seems like a blur!  We celebrated my moms 60th birthday the week prior to Thanksgiving.  It was a great time.  Dad flew my two nephews in, one from New York and one from Florida, so we would all be together.  We took family pictures and had a great time. I remember Thanksgiving only because it just happened!!  The girls and Erik spent Thanksgiving at our usual spot, my moms!  I on the other hand spent it, and the next 4 days in bed with strep throat and a horrible inner ear infection.  Erik was a true saint, peeling, cooking and mashing 20 lbs of potatoes, which was our thing to bring this year.  He and the girls had a great time with the family playing games and eating!!

 My three beauties!

 Dad and Mom

 My cute little family!

 My handsome nephew David!

 My oldest sister Shelley (aka Weezer!!)

 Hoop, Weezer and I!  


These six girls have all my heart! 

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