Monday, August 29, 2011

Gotta Go Back...Back, Back To School Again!

If anyone can tell me what song that movie is from I will let you keep 3 darling girls for the night!

In all seriousness, because I am so serious, I can't believe how big these girls are!  I have a 3rd Grader, A THIRD GRADER!!!!

 The official "Please Mom" photo!!  I already warned them that this will happen until their Senior year so get used to it!

 Aunt Peggy was kind enough to help me out, since Erik was working out of town for the day, by taking Melody to her school.  Mel was a little intimidated but once her teacher started taking them in she was fine.  Thanks Aunt Peggy for helping us and trekking all the way back to the car for the forgotten lunch box!

Priscilla found her dot and said "see ya!"  She is in 2nd grade now and this is old hat!!  She didn't want me to stay to see her off so I sulked my way to the 1st grade side.  I snuck this picture in by having a friend of hers call her name!

 Little miss didn't help my ego much either.  She informed me that she didn't need me to stay and also that she didn't want any more pictures taken!  After promising I would leave her alone she let me take "just one"!!  Hilarious, my girls never say to me no pictures!! I am happy that they are so comfortable at school and LOVE their teachers!!  It is going to be a great year!!!

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