Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a World of Laughter!

We made our annual family trek to Disneyland this last week.  It is always a great, even though exhausting, time and this trip was no exception!

To pass the time while making the long drive, Peg, her girls, Erik and I decided to play mobile eye spy.  This was my fourth or fifth guess and a plea for more paper...which was soon handed to me via window transfer at 65 mph!!  

Priscilla was oblivious to such shenanigans as she played on her leapster!!  

 Upon entering our hotel room we were greeted by a fabulous night sky!  Thank goodness I found the switch to turn OFF the black light!!  

How fitting that this picture hung above the girls bed!!  

This was Erik's idea of jazzing up the place!!  

Morning brought great excitement as we prepared to head over to the park.  Serenity passed the time by playing hide and seek.

The Gang!!  


 Nan and Cait with Gepeto.

 The girls with Gepeto

 Just some strange man they found standing there signing autographs!

Daddy had to ride the rockets with two girls!! 

If you look closely you can see her one buck tooth that has yet to fall out!!  Love it!!

Hands and feet in the boat at all times miss!! 

 Melody was THRILLED that she was finally tall enough to ride the bumper cars by herself! 

 Serenity still needed an adult but was more than happy to spin daddy in a circle!! 

 Priscilla wasn't to sure about the whole thing!!  

 While the "big" kids rode California Screamin' and Aunt Peggy waited in line at Midway Mania, Serenity, who is to short, got to meet Woody and Sarge!   Sarge is a kick, his one liners had me cracking up!  

This little gem is little blurry but HILARIOUS!!!  The looks on Peg and Priscilla's face will have me chuckling for a long time!!  

Thanks Poppop and Mamoo for another great trip!!! 

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