Monday, January 17, 2011

I Have A Secret...

I am falling in love with this young lad!  

Almost everyday he comes running over to greet me with "my mom said I could come to your house" even when I know he hasn't even asked!  I usually reply in the affirmative, who wouldn't with those beautiful blue eyes of his.  Upon entering the house his first priority is to head to the drawer that holds Serenity's Thomas the Train ABC Computer then plops on the couch to play.   Lately though he asks "will you play Mario Kart with me? I be big Mario."  How can I deny? 
When he is ready he informs me he is ready for a snack and a drink but "not milk, I want water" from the machine of course!  The water from the neighbors machine always tastes better than the water from your fridge too, admit it! 

And today he totally crushed my heart when he told me he wanted to play Mario Kart with Erik.  Alright, not totally crushed because I know my muffins are way better than Erik's!! 

My name is Becky and I have a secret crush! 
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