Sunday, January 30, 2011

Future Photographers?

This post is HEAVY on pictures, you have been warned!!!

The girls received video cameras for Christmas from Corky.  They aren't fancy and don't produce the highest quality images but the girls love them, so much so they spent the rest of the day, and weeks, taking pictures of whatever stuck their fancy, seriously!  I couldn't keep these unedited gems to myself! 

Melody's View...
Aunt Peggy probably running for cover!

Priscilla has had finer moments I am sure!
 The next several are from things hanging on the back of the front door!

Taken while sitting on the toilet!! LOVE IT!


 Priscilla's View...

 Those of you that know Priscilla, the following pictures will come as no suprise! 

 Serenity's view...

 The big hole in Mamoo's ear!!