Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Wanna Hippopotamus For Christmas!

Our Holiday season went by so fast!!  Seems like we just ate Turkey!  We have enjoyed our time together as a family and are looking forward to a great new year.  One of our traditions is to visit the lights in the Cactus Garden at Ethel M.  Of course we have to take the tour in hopes of them making something and this year we had a little teaser!  The girls are just dying to see the place in action, we will have to take them one time during the day just to see the bees buzzing!

Look at all that butter!!!!  

 This pot was doing something! 


 Reminds me of I Love Lucy! 

 Of course we had to sample!! 

 On the way home from the chocolate factory we stopped at a house in Boulder that makes Chevy Chase look cheap!  They have the best display in town!!  The picture above is taken in the little cottage entrance! 

 Elf shooting presents into Santa's bag and snowflakes on the roof!!  

We did go to the Electric Christmas parade and had a great time.  We got to see Caitlin in the band and our friends Gavin and Avery on their respective floats!  It is so much fun to have our family and good friends around to watch the parade with.  A great night of laughter, love and hot chocolate!!  

Christmas Eve was spent at my moms, as usual.  We had a great night.  Peg seems to have all the pictures on her camera from the evening!!  After a little wandering around town to look at Christmas lights we headed home to prepare for the big guy!

My two partners in crime!!  They make after hour Christmas Eve so much fun!!  

 READY for morning!!  

HEY!!!  When did you become old enough for lipstick?!!!

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