Sunday, August 8, 2010

ALMOST Lost 'Em...

We have embarked on our journey to Northern Idaho and Washington for a visit with Erik's parents and best friend.

We were beyond thrilled to be greeted by rain in Cedar City

followed by this gorgeous rainbow.

Saturday brought us to "Hannah Montana"!  For those of you who aren't in the know, this is what the girls started calling Montana after my parents bought their property up in Cascade so we now call it that as well!  The girls were beyond thrilled when Erik announced that we were in Montana, immediately they asked about going to Mamoo and Poppops.  After learning that we wouldn't be meeting up with them they asked if we would see any bears like Aunt Peggy saw when she went to visit Mamoo and Poppop.  Erik decided to take them on a bear hunt when we stopped for a little stretch.  It was the cutest thing!! 

Daddy carrying his latest gadget, a tire knocker, Priscilla carrying a hair brush!

Be very very quiet!

I think I see one over here!

Melody, you are running the wrong way!

The bears of "Hannah Montana" better be afraid of this bunch!

The Clark River runs along Interstate 90 in Montana into Idaho and further.  It is a beautiful sight to follow and Erik and I have joked for years that our good friends, The Clarks, are lucky to have such a beautiful river named after them!   Well today Erik decided that one of our stretches should include a spot that would get us up close and personal with the river, if he only knew!  When we parked Priscilla didn't want to get out so we let her stay in since we were parked right at the STEEP bank.  I took a few pictures, of course...

After this picture is when I rethought Erik's suggestion!  Erik climbed half way down the steep embankment and waited their for Melody then he carried her the rest of the way, dunked her feet in the water and they started looking at whatever was down there.  Serenity and I were at the top with our backs to the car looking at the pretty yellow flowers etc. when I turn back around Priscilla is basically sliding down the embankment in her flip flops because she didn't realize how steep it was.  All I could do was scream for Erik as I am picturing her rolling into the river.  He turns just as she hits a clump of tall grass and thankfully falls backwards onto her bum.  Serenity is screaming Priscilla, through tears, because she can't see her in the tall grass, I scoop her up and calm her with the truth that it is all ok.  Erik scoops up Priscilla and Melody who got tipped over into the mud by Priscilla.  If Priscilla had fallen forward both she and Melody would have ended up in the river! 

The Grinch Mountain

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