Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Wait Is Over

FINALLY, after a year of saving and waiting we made it to...
All of us wanted to take this car home! 

Serenity thought it was hilarious to make daddy be the girl!!

Our Wild Arctic Adventure!

 Boarding the helicopter!

What we discovered after our "crash" landing

The New Dolphin show "Blue Horizons" is so much better than the old show!  The girls loved that there was a princess!!  They laughed and laughed when the big pilot whales soaked those silly enough to sit in the soak zone. 

River Monsters!!  Not really what they call it but if youhave ever seen that TV show this is exactly what was here.  Erik was in heaven and the girls would spot a fish and say that is a such and such fish from dads show!  My favorite in this exhibit was the poisonous tree frogs, so bright and beautiful!

Next stop was the Sesame Street 4-D show.  It was fun and Serenity lasted the whole show, unlike her first trip to Bugs Life! 

Oh the sea lions, we LOVED the sea lions!! 

Touching and feeling the bat rays.

From the time we entered the park on the first day Serenity would randomly say "mom take my picture here", that is what these are.

Playing with Sea Stars! 

Sesame Street Bay of Play you are a godsend!!  This is the kid area that also includes a bounce house, climbing ropes and a little splash area.  There is even an area with big foam blocks for little tikes!

Erik made us visit these hee bee gee bee's too!  They snake their bodies backwards into the holes in the rocks and wait for their prey! 

We took the girls on this SOAKING WET adventure.  We thought for sure we would have two HYSTERICALLY screaming kids by the first turn but to our suprise they did great, not that they want to do it again though!! 
You can see how wet Serenity is, Priscilla leaned forward so her back is soaked, Melody's dark shorts hide how soaked she is!!  What fun!! 

Oh, and then there was "this guy"!! 

these were in the underwater viewing tank

The girls, yes us too, loved the Shamu show.  All we have heard from the time we have left is the Shamu splash chant! 

This is how I felt after day two, but I would do it all again today if we could!  The girls loved it and seeing their faces and hearing their laughs is what makes it.


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