Monday, July 26, 2010

They'll Be Swimmers Yet

The girls have taken to swimming better than I ever expected! 

Every morning they ask "Do we have swim today?"  They are doing wonderful in their classes.  Since my last post Melody is now in level II and doing excellent.  The other two are still in level I but we have been told that Priscilla will move to level II next session.  She was very close at the end of last session but better to keep her in level I and have it down than move her to early.  Serenity is chugging along.  She is much more comfortable in the water than she was a month ago and for those that know her that is huge! 

Serenity taking a BIG breath before she jumps in!

Priscilla working on her bubbles in the water!

Melody working on her "bubble arm, breathing arm"!

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