Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

The girls and I met some friends down at the park for the annual parade and park festivities.  It is still weird to be down at the park with out the whole family like when I was growing up but I am making due!  It will be really nice when Erik can join us!! 

Melody, Serenity, Josie, Priscilla, Phoebe, Duncan
Joey, in the black shirt, Zoey and Brandi!

The girls loved all the action...getting candy, flags, stickers, and POPSICLES!!!

This was Priscilla's favorite part because Firefighter Bill was driving and Ben was riding in the back!! 




Priscilla's friend, and cave girl, Avery!

Sparky the Dog...(the poor human inside!)

Melody, nicely, cracking a confetti egg on Priscilla!

The girls making a concoction with the confetti scraps! 

Since the 4th fell on a Sunday Boulder held the parade and park festivities on Saturday and the fireworks on Sunday.  Sunday night we went over to Peg's and watched fireworks with her, Bug and Nan.  Afterward we went over to Lee's and lit our own fireworks.  It was a great night!!

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