Monday, June 7, 2010

Taking The Plunge

The girls started swimming lessons and we are all thrilled!! As most of you know Serenity hasn't been to keen about getting in the water. We knew she was going to be taking lessons and were kind of dreading it so a dear friend, who teaches lessons, offered to take her a few times and see if she could help her get a little comfortable. IT WORKED!!!! We can't thank Staci enough! Melody was almost swimming at the end of last year but we had to start her in level one. Priscilla was the unknown, she didn't freak in the water like Serenity but didn't seem to care for it, she loves it! We are excited to see their progress!!
Getting a few rules from Miss Lynn and Mr. Shaun before heading into the water.

The looks on their faces crack me up!!

Mel kicking like a champ!!

Priscilla not quiet comfortable floating on her back.

Serenity going through the hoop!
Can't wait to see how this goes!!!


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