Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's Bowl Let's Bowl Let's Rock n Roll!!

Melody had a fun birthday party with her friends and family at the bowling alley. Everyone had a great time, including the uh em, big "kids"! I waited and waited for the T-Birds to show up so we could dance in the lanes but they stood me up!! (Only you will get that Hoop!!)

Serenity, Priscilla and Isabella prepare to knock em down!

These three were as close to T-Birds as I got!

The big girls teaching Mamoo some fancy hand shake after she gets a strike!!
I think that is part of the new Pink Lady initiation!!

Sarah can't believe that the T-Birds in training are here...I know Sarah, I was in shock myself!

Pink Ladies in waiting!!

Jay got so nervous about those crazy T-Birds she dropped her ball!

Opening the goodies!

It was a big kid thing, don't ask me!

The birthday girl so excited for her butterfly cake!

It was so much fun, thanks Melly girl for such a great day. I love you SO much that I know!!


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