Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Special Birthday Visitor!!

We really had reason to celebrate Priscilla's 6th, yes SIXTH, birthday. Poppop, aka dad or Doug, made a suprise visit. As we all know he has been home for a few weeks but hasn't really felt like being social we will say! The girls were beyond thrilled to see him walk through the door!!

In keeping with tradition the birthday girl gets to pick the menu for dinner, P picked corn dogs and macaroni and cheese.

After dinner presents were opened with the "big" present being a new bike!

In keeping with our other tradition, the birthday girl gets to pick what kind of cake. Now Priscilla is a girl that knows what she likes and it must be just so, so you can imagine my eyes when she informed me that she wanted a white and chocolate cake, chocolate frosting with red letters, and flower and heart sprinkles!! Only my P!!! I threw on the pink hearts hoping it would pass inspection and thankfully it did!!

Making her wish!!

Happy Birthday Priscilla, I love you so much that I know!!

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