Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nuts For You!!!

Here is the latest from Thompson Rehabilitation Center!!

It is Sun night. He had a good day today. Still has times of confusion, usually when he is tired. He still experiences some short term memory loss. His coordination is improving some. He is able to read and seems to comprehend early in the day, but again when he is tired, the comprehension is usually absent. He is sleeping better, and his appetite has improved. Though his sense of taste seems altered. He is finding many things sour that he didn't before. I guess I need not bore you with the details. But I find it facinating how one small lesion on the brain can cause such a wide variety of changes in behavior. He is conversing better, and dialed the phone independently for the first time yesterday. Math is difficult. I don't know if he recognizes denominations of money. One of his friends called and invited him to a Gun show on Sat. He declined and then later in the day asked me to take him. I took the wheelchair, so he didnt' have to walk. He enjoyed himself for a couple of hours. He had trouble paying for purchases, and when we got home, he said "My brain just wasn't working right today." I know he is terribly frustrated and feel like he has lost control of his life. I keep telling him the Dr.'s say he will recover completely. He hates the fact that he cannot drive yet and tells me what a rotten driver I am. I just reassure him that when the Dr. says it is okay, I will give him back the car keys. The location of the lesion has caused him to lose some of his inhibitions, so he is blatantly and brutally blunt. I worry that he will hurt peoples feelings. Please understand that this is part of his illness. He also gets agitated easily. Sometimes it is unpredictable, and takes a bit of time to calm him down. That's why I don't feel comfortable leaving him yet. Except for church when Shawna is here. I have Ashley and Amanda who are willing to run errands for me. It is such a help.

Thank you all for the love and prayers and emotional support. I can't imagine experiencing this without the blessings of the gospel in our lives. We know the Lord loves us and knows our fears and pain. I am so grateful that I had my knees replaced last year and am able to physically care for Doug. He is such a dear man, and it breaks my heart to see him this way. He does have a sense of humor most of the time, which helps tremendously. Keep up the prayers, we can use all the help we can get. Someday we will know what we were supposed to learn from this experience.

Love, Lynn

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