Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Growing Girls!

On a rare occasion I have the privilege of picking Serenity up from Tiny Tots. Usually that honor is all Sister Clarks, aka Anneliese or the best neighbor EVER, because I drive the going to school bus!!

Today we had no pressing engagements after school so the girls were able to play in the grass in front of the school. This is a cherished pastime for current and former Tiny Tot students. Whether it is before or after school, windy and cold, or hot and humid you will find them running around in the grass or playing chase around the big tree.

Still four...almost five!

Just a little rest!

Is it me or does she have the baby face still?!!

Peek a boo!!

"You go run Serentiy I will wait here!" Yes she said exactly that!!


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