Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun At Tata J's Barn

My good friend Jamie, aka Tata J, has a very nice area down at the corrals, she had a menagerie of animals and recently baby goats were born so of course we went down to visit those cute little kids!

We were greeted by this handsome man, he actually lives at the neighbors but how could he not be photographed?!!

First stop...the goat pen!! Mama goat was so good to us, she let us play and hold her babies with no problems. She was probably glad someone else had come to entertain the wild and crazy kids for a little while!! Those little guys are jumping, climbing fools!!

Serenity trying to hold onto one!

Next up was a ride on Shadow girl. What a sweet gentle mare, the girls didn't want to get off.

Her yummy reward for lugging those giggly girls around!

Next up was a little tag team goat milking. Poor mama goat had a problem with one teat filling up to much that the babies couldn't latch on. See how the baby is trying to climb onto Erik as he holds onto mams horns?!! Both babies kept jumping on his or Jamie's back as they milked, it was funny!!

This one settled for a little suckling on Erik's shirt!

Of course they had to swing on the tire swing!!

King of Mt. Erik

These huge boulders provided lots of entertainment too!

The pictures that follow are hilarious. This horse made the funniest faces when you scratched the top of her nose!!

Thanks J for an evening of fun, we all had a blast and can't wait to do it again!!


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