Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally Five

Our little miss turned five and I am still wondering what happened to that barely walking, two toothed, curly haired, "no" speaking little girl we brought home went!! I love the little lady she has become but I miss what little bit of "baby" stage we were able to experience with her!

As per tradition the birthday girl picks her dinner menu. And a running theme so far this birthday season seems to be corn dogs and mac n cheese!

The cherished Ant Farm!!!

Poppop, out and about again and looking good, and Mamoo!

A big girl bike!! She wants to learn to ride without training wheels like her friend Sydney!

Her cake by request...we call it banana split cake; yellow cake topped with banana pudding made with cream cheese and less milk, sliced strawberries and bananas then iced with cool whip, it is heaven!! She wanted it decorated with flowers, of the real variety!!


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