Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eggin With A Twist

Peg and her girls joined our family for Family Home Evening tonight and we started a new tradition...Egging!! NO not that type of egging! We filled some plastic eggs with goodies, scattered them in the yard and left an empty basket for them to gather their eggs in!! It is hard to say who enjoyed this activity more...those under the age of 8 or those over the age of 15!!! One thing we do know is that it made us feel so good to spread a little eggy cheer!!

Priscilla and Serenity trying not to get caught!!
SHHHHH we are hiding!

Caitlin and Erik trying to be sneaky! They went undetected at this house but the other house their cover was blown by a fast door answerer!!

Serenity making sure her eggs are placed just so. Note to those wanting to reenact this event DO NOT toss the eggs, they split open scattering the candy, which is okay if they are not filled with jelly beans...just sayin!!

Aren't they cute!!!


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