Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Morning

Mom just called, around 10:45 am Dad went down to x-ray for a bone scan and a specialized MRI that will focus on the area of the growth. Dr. Sife, (again hang in there with me on the spellings!) the neurologist, is wanting to wait for a few more tests to be done before he does the biopsy. He said that there are several factors for this...

  • The growth is small, only about as big as a nickel but thinner than a dime. This makes getting a good piece to biopsy very difficult.
  • It is not in an easy place to get to.

Dr. Sife is not positive that this is the cause of the memory loss either. Yep, just when we thought we had a reason! The Dr. also recommends that he go home and come back for the tests. He is medically stable and mom is having to stay with him most of the time because he can't remember to ring his light for help. Mom doesn't know when they will release him but it has been suggested.

On a little side note, Amanda, Peggy's oldest daughter, will be moving in with mom to help. This will be a great blessing to both mom and dad. Ashley, Doug's neice, is still there but works during the day so Amanda will be there when Ashley is gone. Peg said it best when she said "Now we know why Amanda hasn't been able to find a job, Heavenly Father needed her for something else."

Mom sends her heartfelt thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. We all echo her thanks!


Karmann and Ryan said...

Will be thinking of your family!!! love you tons!!!

Little Miss Crafty Pants said...

I just wanted to tell you thanks for following my blog. It means a lot! Oh, and I have to tell you I just LOVE your profile pic. You seem so fun!
On a side note, may Heavenly Father bless you and your family at this time! I hope everything will be o.k. with your dad.