Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here We Go....again

Some of you are aware that there has been a set back in dad's/Doug's recovery. Mom/Lynn had to take him back to the ER on Monday afternoon. He was very tired, to the extent of falling asleep while walking to the bathroom, and was giving mom silly answers to questions. At the ER in Boulder they noticed something different in the CT scan compared to last time he was there so they transferred him to Sunrise for further testing. The CT at Sunrise came back normal but they admitted him for observation.

Tuesday morning he kept giggling when mom would ask him questions, didn't know what day it was and didn't remember anything that took place on Monday. Mom also noticed that he had to really concentrate to walk. They performed an MRI and a caraded (sp?) artery ultrasound. Throughout the day he remained the same.

So far Wednesday he has been able to remember that it is 2010 but that is pretty much it. Dr. Hiter, his internest, informed mom that the MRI showed sometype of growth about 1 cm in size on his right frontal lobe. They will biopsy it, do a bone scan and a bunch more tests mom didn't name. This isn't what we wanted to hear but we will press forward and put it in the Lords hands.

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