Friday, September 11, 2009

To Remember

Eight years ago today our lives changed forever. May we always remember those who lost their lives and those who serve to protect us!! Thank you!!!


MaryRC said...

what a great way to honor today. what a day that was.

Dreamgirl said...

What a beautiful blog! Just found my way here through MaryRC. SHe really has done a great job on your design.

Have a lovely Thursday!

Anonymous said...


Mary Crabtree (aka maryrc at shaking the tree) sent me your way. This is going to sound weird, but her neighbor, Carol, has twin girls going up for adoption soon. Mary thought of me and was hoping you might be able to work some magic to plug me and my husband as potential adoptive parents for these girls.

We are foster-to-adopt certified here in NY. We have an approved home study.

If this is something you can help me with let me know:

Thank you Thank you!