Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tiny Tots Has Begun!!!

And this little cutie pie couldn't be happier!!!
She waited so patiently when her older sisters started school almost three weeks ago. Today was finally her day. She was so excited to see many of her old friends from last year and meet some new ones.

One of her favorite things to do before school is to play in the grass and run around this tree. She also likes to wait by this tree for Tante Renate to get out of exercise class and then she runs to her for some loves.

At the playdoh table, go figure, after she first went into class. She was so excited when she came home to tell me all about her day. She played playdoh with Theron, on the teeter toter with Lilly, and dress up with Josie. And as of this evening Josie is her best friend!!

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MaryRC said...

Tiny Tots totally rocks!!