Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet The Teach!

Mel and P had there meet the teacher Friday and it was fun!! During our walk from the parking lot to the school both girls were chatter bugs but as soon as we rounded the corner to Priscilla's class they immediately stopped. That made me chuckle because Priscilla has been talking about kindergarten since her birthday when she turned 5. She was so upset that she had to finish out the year in pre-school!! She wanted to have Mrs. Richman, the same teacher as Melody, so we requested her. I explained to P that just because we request her doesn't mean it will happen. The first week of August the letter arrived telling us who P would have. The whole family gathered around to read the letter, you would have thought it was a mission call!!! As I read the letter saying she would have Mrs. Richman Melody got excited and said "oh my gosh!", I was excited and looked over to P to see her sitting there looking at us like we are nuts. I asked her if she was happy she got Mrs. Richman and she said "I told you when I turned 5 I wanted Mrs. Richman and now that I am 5 I have Mrs. Richman." Alrighty then! Way to use the art of positive thinking there P!!!!

Sorting her supplies she brought.

With the "infamous" Mrs. Richman.

Her name tag she made.

Melly is starting the First Grade!! I can't believe it. She said she is a little nervous but not scared!! She has Mrs. Coe, who we have heard is wonderful so we look forward to a great year. During Mrs. Coe's presentation she asked the students to sit at a desk and listen because she would be talking to them too. Melly looked so cute sitting in her desk. She listened and participated when asked, I was so proud of her!!!

In front of her classroom bulletin board. Each student had a girl/boy on it holding an ice cream cone!

With Mrs. Coe!!

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