Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The icing is on the cake!! On Saturday June 6th Erik and I had the girls sealed to us.

(Serenity was having a hard time smiling, sitting etc. so this is the best family picture we have!!)

Mom and her girls!!

It was a wonderful day full of the spirit, family and friends.

With Becky's Uncle Del and Aunt Linda

The girls with Karmann and Ryan. Karmann was Priscilla's Developmental Specialist from about the age of 1 until she turned 3 and aged out of the program. She knew the girls birth mom and all the yuck that the girls have been through. I knew the moment she walked through our door she was somebody special. She first reminded me of my "Tooele" cousins, then we found out she was LDS and told us how she had been praying for these girls to find the right home. We have stayed in touch, even though she has moved to Arizona. We were so happy to share this special day with her and Ryan!!

A few of the family and friends joining in the chaos of the atrium!!

The girls looked like little angels in their beautiful dresses that Mamoo, Becky's mom, made for them. She took apart Becky's wedding dress to make them extra special!! The girls LOVE their dresses!!

I LOVE this picture, and the story behind it. These four children, there is a little head right above Melody's, are in our ward, one of the girls is in Serenity's class, and the mom, in the green skirt, is Serenity's teacher. My girls LOVE this family. Their parents brought them to the Temple to see the girls and it made the girls feel so loved. Serenity spotted them first and yelled "my friends" and went running over to them. I love the smile on "Miss S's" face it makes me think she was just as happy to see my girls as they were to see them!


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

Becky this brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for you! What a special day! Those girls are so blessed to have you guys are parents!! Congrats!

Karmann and Ryan said...

What a special, special, special, long awaited for day! Thanks for letting Ryan and I share it with you! I cry every time I think of being there and seeing all those pictures! It truly will be something I will ALWAYS remember and cherish! I feel so lucky to have been placed in Pricilla's life and to watch her grow and change due to you both! What a blessing you guys are and I couldnt be more happy!


Jessica said...

Congratulations!!! What beautiful dresses! That just adds to the special-ness that they each have a part of your special dress as their own. Wow what an amazing day! And how wonderful that Karmann could be there too. You guys are one lucky family!

Linda said...

Becky, Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I have just read the last two posts on yours and I am sitting at my desk sobbing like a baby! What a boob! I am so glad I got to see everyone coming out of the temple and your girls in their beautiful dresses at church. I may not see you much-but I love you guys!