Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's done, over, finished, kaput!!!! After 3 VERY LONG years all three beautiful girls are ours. Doesn't that sound so sweet...ours!!!! There will be no more court dates, monthly visits by a case worker, and my favorite writing down everytime I give my girls a vitamin, herb, or medicine!!!

Here we are with Judge Teuton

It was so nice to be in the court room with everyone smiling, even the judge. The bailiff even gave the girls sheriff stickers!!

Here we are with Brian Potts, our adoption worker and Heather Kemp our lawyer. Don't let Brian's look fool you, he is very nice just a quiet fellow!

Heather just handed me the adoption decree...the most important paper of our lives!!

We were pleasantly surprised that some of our friends came to celebrate the day with us. Peggy Martin, Leslie Leavitt, Carma and Bill Secrest, Katie Colton and her little one Alexis joined in on the court room fun along with some of my family. My sister Peggy, mom and dad have been to every court proceeding with us, we cannot explain what that means to us.

After all the hoopla we had to go celebrate, and how do "Ballards" celebrate? With food of course!! Erik wanted breakfast so it was off to Denny's, that fine family dining place!

After brunch we took the girls here...
Our good friends, the Broadbents, gave me this idea. After they adopted their twins they took them to Build-A-Bear to adopt a bear. I loved the idea! Thanks Carol!!!

The bears they will be adopting

Mom and Priscilla pushing the pedal to stuff the bear.

Making a wish before they put their bears heart in.

Now it is time to fluff the bear

and finally dress!

Priscilla with "Priscilla the Panda"

Melody with "Cleo the Leopard"

Serenity with "Serenity the White Bear"

And of course what trip to the mall would be complete without watching the water fountains?!!

What a great day! We are so grateful to finally have our family complete!!!!!


Karmann and Ryan said...

YEah!!!! It is finally done and over! I am screaming and jumping up and down right now!!! What an emotional trip you have been on and you can finally soak it all in and move forward with three beautiful girls that were meant to be for you guys! We cant wait to see you in a few weeks! I am already getting teary eyed just thinking about it!

blogrock said...

Oh that is such great great news, i wish i coulda been there, i put it in my blackberry but i had to work. those girls are so blessed to have you and erik as their parents. and i can just imagine the relief you must feel! writing down everything they take, holy cow! yay yay!