Saturday, April 4, 2009

Visitors, VISITORS!!!!

Many of you know that I didn't birth our children, they were truly gifted to us in so many ways, but that is the story for my book!! He he! When we brought the girls home Melody and Priscilla were receiving therapy services. Due to these services we were blessed with some wonderful therapists, one of which, Karmann, has become a very dear friend. Karmann was Priscilla's therapist for about a year before the girls were removed from their biological home. She knew and worked with their birth mother and has been able to provide a lot of much needed information. We ALL fell in love with Karmann the minute he walked through our front door. She first reminded me of a few of my cousins and as we talked her sweet spirit and heart of gold came shining through. When Priscilla turned three she had to "graduate" from the NEIS program that she was in, which meant Karmann would be leaving us in that role. It was a bittersweet day. Priscilla had grown so much and no longer needed the help so we were happy but that meant we wouldn't be seeing Karmann all the time like we had before. We have stayed in contact even through her move to another state!! Friday afternoon Karmann and her sweet husband Ryan suprised us with a visit!! It was so good to see her and finally meet Ryan. Just like the other times Karmann was here at the house, it jut felt comfy.

This picture is blurry but I love it. Priscilla was a little shy at first, then with a little help from daddy, she went over and climbed in Karmann's lap.

Here is Ryan with Melody. He was so much fun. He played with the girls, letting them climb all over him and even dress him up like a princess!

The pink crown is so you Ryan!!

Ryan and Karmann with the princesses!!

Karmann and Priscilla

Priscilla checking out Ryan's wallet! It was so funny to watch this, Priscilla had him take out anything that had his picture on it!! Saturday morning at breakfast Priscilla said that Ryan is her new best friend!

THANK YOU Ryan and Karmann for taking time out of your weekend away to come see us. It may have been hort but we loved it and look forward to more. I hope your next trip out here is for US!!!! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!!!

P.S...thanks Britt for jumping in and taking care of dinner while all this was going on, I love you!!

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Karmann and Ryan said...

It was so good to see you!!! I cant wait to post my upload of the pictures! I havent downloaded them yet! Thanks again for those! Love you!