Saturday, April 4, 2009


I forgot just how much fun it is to have a loose tooth, how hard it is not to push it back and forth until it bleeds and finally pull it out. I got to relive this today with Melody. A few days ago I noticed her bottom, left, middle tooth was a little crooked and greyish. This morning she showed me that it was loose. Everyone wanted to see...

Priscilla loved moving it back and forth and Melody let her any time he asked. Yes gross but so funny!

Serenity would look but didn't want to touch.

A few hours later Melly couldn't stand it any longer she wanted her tooth out. She had pushed and played with it so much it was now hurting her. I had the great pleasure of pulling it out!!

Melody's first lost tooth!!

She has a little lisp now when she talks and it is so cute.

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MaryRC said...

glad it was a positive experience. my kids dont tell me when they have a loose tooth, they wait ntil the adult tooth is growing in crooked before they tell me. oh well braces it is..