Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here is what we made for the girls teachers, the families that Erik Home Teaches, the fabulous lady I visit teach, and a few friends for Easter.

Here is what I used and how to put it together...
Wide mouth mason jar with lid and ring
scrap fabric cut in a 5x5 square
Curly Ribbon
Robin Eggs
Jelly Beans
Easter Colored M&M's
Put the Robin Eggs in the bottom as high as you would like. Put the Peeps in one at a time around the jar. Fill the inside with jelly beans to the top of the peeps ears. Top off with M&M's. Put lid on jar, place fabric square on top of lid and screw on the ring. I tied curly ribbon around the ring so I had something to attach the tag to. Easy and fun and the kids can help pour the candy!!

Here is what the tag looked like!!
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