Friday, April 10, 2009

I Have Become My Grandmother!

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My grandma Arl was addicted to kleenex. Seriously, the woman had a kleenex in her hand 24/7. As children the words we heard from her the most were "blow your nose!" Peg, my cousins Tammy and Chris, and I spent several weeks with her and my Grandpop every summer. And we constantly heard "blow your nose!" I remember as if it were yesterday her in a laughter filled voice calling Grandpop into the bathroom to see that we had used enough kleenex to make a mold from the trash can! She was so proud of us!! One year as a joke my mom bought her a CASE of kleenex. We couldn't wait to see her open it. She LOVED it!!! So it became a tradition, along with VHS tapes but that is a WHOLE other story! At her funeral a few years ago we all placed a fresh kleenex in her grave. We know she loved that!!!

Now to my point...allergy season has been upon us and with it came the sniffling, sneezing, runny noses. With three little ones running around I find myself saying "blow your nose!" alot!! Today it hit me..."I sound just like Arl"!!!! I laughed at myself, got the biggest smile, then shed a few tears...I miss her.


Karmann and Ryan said...

awwwh! I love when you have those thoughts come into your head and it is a sweet reminder of someone! Love you and miss you already

Hoopngoofy said...

hehehe....oh the memories!!! A little teary myself

MaryRC said...

girl i hear ya!! wait maybe i dont, thats me sniffling, these allergies are driving me nuts too. but kleenex, the real stuff.... what a difference eh?

Cher said...

my grandma was just like this, too! (I remember hoping that she didn't touch me after holding that darned kleenex!) hehe--thanks for following my blog!

MaryRC said...

miss you, come back!
I've nominated you for an award come by and see.