Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Speaking of Jeff Gordon

I have been following NASCAR for a long time. As you know my three beautiful neices were "my only children" until about 3 yrs ago. When they were young and learning I was able to teach them, even though some insisted I had brainwashed, the right kind of race car driver to be their favorite. I knew I had reached total success when on vacation we pulled into a gas station only to hear from the backseat "2, 4 that's Jeff Gordon!" It was music to my ears. The next year Peg and I took the girls to practice and qualifying at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. They loved it; the noise, the smell, the napping on the bleachers. Two years later Caitlin went to a Busch, now Nationwide, race with Erik and I all decked out in her Jeff Gordon paraphenilia. It was fantastic! A short time later Caitlin gave me the scare of my life when she thought for a little while, maybe two months but it was a LONG time in my book, that she would like this other driver named Tony Stewart, yes my heart sank down to my feet and out my toes, all because he drove an orange car. I was going to loose her to an orange car?!! Other family members found this exhilarating! Had the tide turned and Tata was loosing one of her sheep? In time Caitlin returned to our one true love...Jeff. He was back in his rightful place where he would remain for years to come. (We won't talk about what happened to her sisters!!) She has taken an interest in other drivers like Dale Jr. and now this new kid named Joey Lagano, something about him being a hottie, but she remains a faithful fan of Jeff's. She, along with her sisters, got a chance to meet Mr. Gordon this last weekend while NASCAR was in town for the big race. I was beyond thrilled for her and yes, I am big enough to admit, a little envious as well. She loved every minute of it, you could still see it in her eyes as she told us about it the following Monday. During this wonderful opportunity the girls had, they remembered me and how big of a fan I am and had Jeff sign a picture for me and not just to Becky, but to Tata, and that word ranks way up there with mom in my book!