Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend Getaway!!

And just where did we go???

The Happiest Place On Earth!!!

This was our second time taking the girls and this year they had a TON of fun and remember it all!

Melody and Priscilla spun themselves dizzy with Caitlin

Then they all met the beautiful princesses,

some Goofy looking character
and of course MICKEY!

They helped Buzz defeat Zarg

and made a habit of wearing funny looking glasses!!!

They even stayed out playing until 11:00 pm!!

Mel and P rode most of the bigger rides with daddy, Caitlin, and Brittney. The reviews were a little mixed. P loved them all and even begged Britt and Cait to take her a second time on Thunder Mountain. Melly loved the Matterhorn this year, unlike last time when she named it the scary horn! They both did the Tower of Terror over in California Adventure and didn't care so much for it P said it best "mom, I don't like that scary "alligator"!"

Thank you Mammoo and Poppop for a FANTASTIC weekend!!!


Karmann and Ryan said...

What a fun trip!! I cant wait to go to disneyland someday with little ones!! I love the shot with Snow White! They are all posed so sweet and cute!!! How are things? What is new? I miss you!!! Hope you are doing well! Love you!!

Hoopngoofy said...

Serenity has her bug glasses on upside down.....too funny!!

Becky aka mom aka tata! said...

That seems to be her staple!!! She is so funny!!

MaryRC said...

i am a disney a holic! we havent gone for over a year and i am jonzin baby, need me some disney magic!!