Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Is All This White Stuff?!!

The moon must be aligned with Jupiter because snow is falling and staying in the desert! It started very innocently around 11:00 am today

See those little specks on my jacket? It was falling but not sticking, at least to the ground.

But it stuck to Serenity's jacket

and Melody's hair!

By 2:00 it had blanketed the roads and I even thought about waking up the girls from their nap to go play in it. I came to my senses and just watched in peace for a while!

After they woke up, on their own, they bundled up to go play but when they got outside Melly said it was to cold, Priscilla said it hurt her eyes, and Serenity said she was sweaty!!!! I made them pose for this before they could go inside, mean mom I know!

By 6:00 we had almost 4 inches on the front lawn and more coming down.

There is a sidewalk under there somewhere!

My friend Carol took this picture and I love it! Only in Boulder City do they use tractors for snow plows!!!

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Princess and the Five Beasts said...

Want me to send you one of my snow shovels?