Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas, Christmas time is here!

It is so much fun playing Santa and reliving this magical time through the girls eyes. It amazes Erik that I still can't sleep Christmas Eve night. Doesn't he understand there is just to much to look forward to, who has time to sleep!!!

Santa brought the girls a newborn Cabbage Patch baby doll and a cute little stroller. The babies hair and eye color match their new "mommy", they are so cute!

He brought daddy a new 16ft ladder! Carol will be making sure he utilizes it next December!!

The girls and their stockings.

Many of you know about Priscillas relationship with food. This next group of pictures shows just how high food rates with P!

Priscilla discovering Santa put a little box of Lucky Charms in her stocking. Bonus points to Santa!

We practically had to bribe her to open this gift!

Meanwhile Melly is rippin em open as fast as she can. Cereal?!? Who can eat cereal when I have presents to open!

Serenity was following right in Melody's footsteps!!

Presents? Didn't you get cereal Melody and Serenity?!!

Yes, I got cereal but I also got this fancy new Tinkerbell camera from Mamoo and Poppop!

Notice all the carnage surrounding Melody and Serenity as Priscilla sits with her Lucky Charms!

Just watchin and snackin!
and snackin!

Serenity is finished and wondering what to play with first

while Priscilla finishes her Lucky Charms!!! Once P was COMPLETELY finished with her cereal she opened her presents. It was so funny to watch her just sit there calmly eating her cereal while Melody and Serenity couldn't open their presents fast enough! Oh how we love you Priscilla!!!

Can you say Trix?!!

After all the presents were unwrapped and we were eating breakfast Santa delivered a VERY special gift to Erik. His best friend, who is serving our country in Afghanistan, called to wish our family a Merry Christmas. Erik was so surprised. (I will probably be in big trouble for posting this picture but it is worth it!)

After a little cleanup we headed over to Hoop and Chuck's for a little

Wii and a little...

Whack-A-Mole and a lotta...

This game is so much fun and addicting. It gives the much needed twist to the ole standby Yahtzee. And might I add, just for Chuck's sake, that even though he won most of the games we played, I am the only one to roll a YAHTZEE!!!!!!!

What a great day!!!


Hoopngoofy said...

Love how Dupont is with the child with food.......

Karmann and Ryan said...

LOVED IT!!!! Priscilla always had and obviously still does a thing for her food! Hilarious on how she sat and ate the whole box before opening her presents! I am so glad that you have all of that in words and in pictures! How fun to show her someday! I am so glad you had a wonderful XMAS! I will be the same way as you and cant sleep XMAS EVE. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your words!

Princess and the Five Beasts said...

I was laughing so hard about Priscilla I was crying. Joe comes in and goes, "What are you doing?" I loved it!!! And I loved the picture of Eric. I didn't get a call on Christmas, but I got one on the 30th.

Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

Priscilla is so so cute! I had to look at these pictures again because they make me smile!! We for sure need to have a girls night. I was actually home FOUR days this last time instead of TWO!! Lol! We'll be home around my mom's birthday in February (Bryce and my mom have the SAME birthday!!). I'd love to get together!!

Karmann and Ryan said...

WHere are you? R u ok? I miss you!!!