Friday, November 28, 2008

TWO Thanksgivings!

What could be better than one Thanksgiving dinner? TWO, yep, two!!!
This is the first year in a LONG time that Hoop hasn't had the girls on Thanksgiving Day so we had dinner on Thursday with Mom and Doug, his girls and their families, Hoop and Chuck, Shelley, Karole and Granny. It was a good meal but lacked the usual fun and laughter that we usually have. At least the little girls found something to occupy themselves...playing in the rain, much to mamoo and poppops dismay, something about catching a cold!!!!

They LOVED playing in the rain!!

Granny (Matriarch of the Kelstrom's)

Aunt Karole

Friday we went over to Hoop's for dinner with her family and Aunt Shelley. We had fun taking pictures while dinner was cooking, then we ate, cleaned up and finally played games! We had so much fun, even Aunt Shelley got in on the action and had a great time. This is what Thanksgiving is all about!!

Uncle Chuck slaving away while we girls held a photo shoot, priorities you know!!

"Big Girls" & "Little Girls" pretty, silly and smoochin!

I got this fun idea to have all of us write down and hold a paper of what we are thankful for. Brittney: Music, Chuck: My girls, Erik: My family, Becky: Freedom, Caitlin: My straightener, Peggy: Ruckus, Shelley: Sunrise, Amanda: Education, Serenity: Cookies, Melody: Mom and Dad, Priscilla: Food.

Game Time!!

They are going to kill me for these but then, only one of them is in the blogging world and she is only here part time! I love the laughs that go with these pictures, they are those big deep belly laughs that last a long time. This is what we do when the three of us are together. It usually ends in one of us saying we are going to pee our pants!!

Oh the pain of the cup game! This game is SO frustrating yet so addicting. The girls tried to teach me this lovely game. You have to clap, tap, twist and pass the cup in rythym of course! I have the first part down, the second part is going to take some work but they better watch out because I am going to practice!!

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