Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Grandma Jennie and Dad
(oh how I miss them)

The last few weeks I have had the miss you's. It all started pretty innocently. I was at the grocery store and ran into Donna, the wife of a good friend, Sid, of my dads. We talked for a bit, getting caught up on the families, then she mentioned that Wayne, another one of dads friends, was over recently and they were talking about dad and his fruit trees, remember he was the gardener! Well that lead to how at times it seems just like yesterday that he passed. I admit that 11 years later I still have my moments where I see, hear, or smell something that reminds me of my dad and I get teary. Sometimes just teary eyed, other times they may actually fall. I am not embarrassed by this. He was my dad, not always perfect, but he was the one Heavenly Father blessed me with.

Late Last night I got a call from Hoop, she informed me that Buggy's friend just lost her dad Sunday night. Immediately the images surrounding the day I lost my dad played in my head. My heart hurts for this young girl, three of them actually. I was 26 when I lost my dad and I knew I would see him again. Buggy' s friend is only 14 and I am not to sure what they believe. Buggy feels helpless. Thankfully Hoop was able to explain to her that all she needs to do is be there for her friend. When I get the chance to see Buggy's friend I am going to share with her something a dear friend shared with me...
"I wish I could tell you that this gets easier but it doesn't,
you just get used to it."

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