Friday, November 21, 2008

Red, Rojo, Rouge!!!

Several weeks ago Erik was helping Melody do her homework. She had to color one of those code pictures. You know B=blue, Y=yellow etc. She needed red and with all the reds in this bucket of 100 plus crayons she was having a hard time finding RED. So here comes daddy to the rescue. He grabs one reads it and tosses it back in, he does this three times when finally he says "just use this one it is as close as you are going to get." This is how the conversation went from this point...

ME: Well what color is it?
HE: As close to red as I can find it's called red rojo rouge.
ME: Hysterical laughter for about five minutes
HE: What? Will you please speak to me and tell me what is so funny.
ME: Still laughing, almost peeing my pants, my tummy hurts so bad
HE: Here Melly you might as well start coloring, who knows when mom will stop laughing.
ME: Oh my gosh Erik that is hilarious! That is the red crayon, they put the name in Spanish and French!!
HE: Well how was I suppose to know that
ME: Laughing, again, still...

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