Friday, October 3, 2008

These Three Is How It Will Be!!!

I can officially say that these three beautiful girls will soon be OUR daughters!!!!!

It has been a wonderful day, one I have waited for for almost 3 years. Priscilla's dad relinquished his rights today, paving the way for us to adopt her. We are grateful beyond words to so many people, including him. We are happy that the "huge elephant in the room" is no longer here and we can enjoy ourselves with out worrying about what tomorrow may hold.

Amanda and Britt graciously offered to watch the girls while we were in court. (Thanks to staff development at school) They were all anxiously awaiting for us to return home. So, of course, when we got home we had to celebrate!!! Mammoo bought everyone a blizzard and we all sat around watching the little ones play, just taking it all in. I am still saying WOW!! I just told Erik that it hasn't felt this chaotic in such a good way since the first day we brought them home!!!

Naptime came just in time for these two teenagers!! I had just put the girls down for a nap when two minutes later Britt grabs a blanket, curls up in the chair and is gone. Amanda lasted a few more minutes!! Upon waking they both said, the "girls are exhausting!" And they only had them 3 hrs!!!! I am so thanful to Nan, Britt, and Bug for all the ways they are ALWAYS willing to help us. We would truly be lost without them.


Princess and the Five Beasts said...

Look at my blog..........

Karmann and Ryan said...

YEAH!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!