Monday, October 13, 2008

The Memory Of A 3 Year Old!

A little over a week ago Serenity went with me to the Post Office to mail a package. When the teller went to hand me the change he held the coin out to Serenity, while kind of nodding to me for approval, of course I nodded and smiled. He handed her three quarters and said "do you have a piggy bank to put these in?" She smiled and shook her head, she still has her shy moments, then reached out and took the quarters. When we got out to the car she couldn't climb into her seat by herself while holding the money so she asked me to hold it. I put it in my wallet so I could buckle her up and off we went. Tonight she said "mom where is your wallet?" I told her it was in my backpack to which she replied "you have my money from the post office in your wallet." I looked at Erik in total amazement as he sat there perplexed not knowing what had previously transpired!! I gave Serenity her quarters, which produce a huge smile and watched her trot off happy as a can be to put her money into her Cinderella piggy bank!!!

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