Sunday, October 5, 2008

Buggy Rocks!!

The girls, Peg, Chuck, Mamoo and I spent all day yesterday at the Henderson Bandfest. Bug was competing with the high school so naturally we had to go cheer her on. As most of you know I am a band geek so spending all day in the bleachers watching bands from all over the valley perform was heaven for me! The girls loved it to, especially Priscilla who has always been mesmerized by any type of music. They were so good, they lasted all day long with out any fits or tantrums, had to be the cheetos from Aunt Peggy and Uncle Chuck, oh wait, those ended up all over the stairs!!!! The band finished in 3rd place, much to their disappointment. It hurt even more because their old teacher's school took first place. Our band has come along way since the beginning of the school year, heck even Tuesday night Peg was wondering if they would even finish third! Mr. Gillete, the new teach, has them headed in the right direction and that first place trophy isn't to far out of reach!!!

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