Saturday, September 27, 2008

THIS Just In!!!

There are a few reasons Miss Melody hasn't been able to have a doll or animal when she sleeps. Today provided another great example....

I had put the girls down for a nap. About thirty minutes later I hear Melly cryin. I go to check on her and discover this purple finger staring at me!

She had wrapped the teddy bear's ribbon so tight around her finger, the ribbon was knotted and the circulation to her finger was cut off!!

Here is the poor finger, no worse for the wear! She said "I don't like that bear anymore." I just chuckled and said "I bet you don't but I don't think it was the bears fault." As of this writing all fingers are accounted for and working just fine. Mr. Bear is back on Priscilla's bed where he belongs!

1 comment:

Karmann and Ryan said...

O my!!! i am so glad that her finger is ok! It looked horrible! Good thing you caught it in time, that could of been ugly!