Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stress Reliever #1

The night was long, the day was bound to be rough. Thank goodness Erik is home this morning. As I made my way to the laundry room, out back, I noticed bird poop around the dog food bowl. Normally there isn't dog food out back, heaven forbid our three canines spend any time outside, but today there was! As I made my way to the clothes line I noticed that there were an awful lot of birds flying around our home. I observed them for a few minutes and wondered if I could bribe them down by the dog food. Off I ran to get the camera and some bribery food!

RITZ! What more could a bird ask for!! I guess I could have given him a worm or two from the bin!!!

They spot the goods! Notice the look in the black birds eyes...he was a man on a mission!

Blacky takes a leap of faith! He looks right at me, daring me to take away his morsel of goodness!! He flies off to enjoy his goodness....

Only to return for more!!! The other bird tried to partake of the goodness but blacky was having none of it, he would squawk and peck and run him off.

I enjoyed my time with the birds. I sprinkled cracker on the ground, making a trail to the dog food but the plan was interrupted by a 3 yr old and her shaggy dog looking for their mommy!!

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