Thursday, September 4, 2008

Serenity goes to Tiny Tots!!!!!

I can't believe that little miss is old enough for preschool! I know we here this phrase alot but... it seems like yesterday that she walked into our lives with only 4 teeth and the only word she spoke was "no"!

After a kiss goodbye from daddy we headed to the car. We got out the door when she says "I need a picture with "Baron" (her little friend that lives next door, his name is Theron but she has always called him Baron since she couldn't say "TH") He is in her class and she is looking forward to his mommy, Anneliese, taking her to school one day.

The infamous Theron and Serenity on his front step! Anneliese was so sweet to let Serenity interrupt their morning routine for little missy's photo shoot!!

In front of her "school." (It is located inside the Parks and Recreation Center) When we got out of the car I went to take her hand, like I usually do, and she kind of pulls away and says "I can do it myself!" She was SO ready. She walked right into her classroom, let one of her teachers put her name tag on then sat right down at the play dough table. I was relieved but a little sad. I did good and didn't cry until I got home and told Erik about it!!

She had a great day. She loved singing the songs and was thrilled that she got to go up to the park. This picture is of her and Miss Julie coming back from the park right before class is out.
I am so happy that she is having a great time and look forward to all the little stories and new friends.

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Karmann and Ryan said...

What a big, beautiful, darling little girl she has become! WOW!!!