Saturday, September 6, 2008

Play Date With Sara

Miss Melody had her friend Sara over to play after school on Friday. They had a lot of fun. After a silly lunch (see here and here) they headed off to the play kitchen, which is Sara's favorite! When it was nap time for the little munchkins I brought out an old favorite of mine...shrinky dinks!! Sara had done them before but I have only recently let Melly use markers, yes I know I am a horrible mother, so this was new to her!

Look at Sara the shrinky dink pro...posin' and coloring!

Recoloring her horse now that the brown marker was found!

Does it suprise you that she has the pink marker?

Into the oven they go...I have long ago lost my shrinky dink maker...most likely to 3 little girls named A,B, and C as that is where I seemed to have "lost" many things!!

There shrinking!! I must admit that this phase has always intrigued me!

Almost done!

TA-DA!!!! Melly LOVED this!

Sara showin off her fancy new necklace!! As we were taking this picture Sara's mom came to get her and in the aftermath of her leaving I just discovered I didn't get a picture of Melly with her necklace on :( I will have to fix that!!!

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