Friday, September 5, 2008

Little Miss Compassionate Server

I have started something, which really, when I think about isn't half bad! A few weeks ago I made some bread. Of course my family fell in love, who wouldn't. Then it occurred to me that this was probably the first time my girls have ever tasted homemade bread but that is another story! So then Britt had that day off from school, which gave us another opportunity to taste the wonderfulness of fresh baked bread and led to today's goodness.

After getting the older two girls off to school Serenity tells me she wants to make bread. Here is how the conversation went...
S: "mommy can I make bread"
M: "can YOU make bread?"

S: "yes, like Bittney"
M: "Ooooh!"

*then thinking for a moment that grandparents day
is Sunday and they would LOVE some fresh bread.*

M: "we could give some to Mamoo and Poppop"
S: "YES! and Ditter Clark too!"
*Sister Clark and her family are our fabulous neighbors*
M: "sure, that is a great idea!"

Off we go...........

Mixing the dough. She loves to spin the bowl!

SSSHHHH...the bread is resting.

Doesn't this look delicious?!!

Of course she had to have the first taste!

Delivering her goodies!
I loved watching Serenity's face when Sister Clark ooohed and aaahed over her bread. I know Serenity could feel the genuine love that Sister Clark gave to could her mommy.

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