Monday, September 1, 2008

The Girls New 'Dos!!!

I am running out of ways to fix the girls hair so, I went to the trusty ole internet and found some AMAZING blogs, all dedicated to little girls hair!!! These ladies are awesome!! It gets a little time consuming, with three girls, but honestly I am finding it takes more time to figure out what to do!! I will list the blogs that I captured ideas from at the end of this post.

Melody wanted little braids and a messy bun, like I do Serenity's. I have a hard time doing Melody's hair like this for two reasons...1. Her hair is still recovering from her and Ariana's beauty parlor day and 2. It is STICK straight. These two things make it hard to get it all up and looking cute. I hate it poking straight out of the bun.

It didn't turn out to bad. I curled the little wispy pieces and put in a cute flower hair tie. She loved it and that is what matters!!! She didn't want me to take a picture of her face, just her hair!!

Priscilla likes "just two braids" so when I ran across this one I thought I struck gold!!! I like the zig zag part, I tried it all the way down with this braid and it looked off. I think now it may just have been my mood at the time!!

The "instructions" for this clever idea can be found HERE.

Pretty Priscilla!!

Serenity's hair is getting so long, I LOVE IT!!! She loves to have her hair done and even tells me "I want it out of my face!"

I finished these criss crossy braids with a messy loop and her natural curl makes it look so cute.
I got this idea HERE.

Pretty Serenity!!

Here are the blogs that I borrow from!

All Girls Hair
Babes In Hairland
It's A Girl Thing
Girly Do's
She Does Hair


Anonymous said...

Wow- the joy of little girls! glad you don't have to grow out little boys hair to get the pleasure of doing hair!

Karmann and Ryan said...

I am speechless on how dang cute you are able to do their hair! If I ever have a little girl I will come to you!!! You are amazing!