Saturday, September 13, 2008

FIRST Football Game!

HOORAY!! Football season is here! We took the girls to the High School football game Friday night, not just for football but for the band performance too! Caitlin is in the band and would be performing at half time. We, yes mostly me, were so excited. I was a band geek, heck I still am! I LOVED performing half time shows and getting to watch a football too made it even better!!!

I dug out the Halloween face paints to get us all in the spirit!
The girls loved this, they kept calling them to-tats (that is tattoo in 3yr old)

Pom Poms at the ready!

Here she comes!! Oh, and the football team too!
(buggy is the farthest drum player to the right!)

Buggy strikin a pose with a friend.

Performing at half time.

"Feel the rhythm of the night!!"

Oh ya...the reason for the performance! These are the only two players I know on the whole team!! The Eagles ended up winning 10-6

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Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

I miss BCHS Football games and basketball games and the small town feel of everything. We need to get back to Boulder (hopefully in about 5 years!!) Glad you had fun. Caitlyn looks so cute!!