Saturday, September 20, 2008

Explainin' The 'Do!

A Friend asked how I did Serenity's hair this way, and it is easier to show as I explain, BUT I didn't take pictures as I was doing it so, I took pictures as I was undoing it!! Make sense?!! It is actually very easy to do, and I love the way it looks.

To start part from ear to ear and clip it out of the way. Then part underneath, as deep as you want it to be, and clip out of the way. Now part the sides, again as deep as you want and clip them out of the way.

So now you have a "circle" of parted hair and a bunch left in the middle. Clip this out of the way for now. To make the knots take little sections from around the circle and just knot it like you would a string. I use polmade to prevent fly aways and to help it slide better. As I make a knot I bobby pin it to the middle section until I am all done with the knots.

When all your knots are finished, unclip the middle section and start making a pony tail with it and all your knots. (Taking out the bobby pins along the way of course ;) )

To finish it off you can either put it in a bun, like I have done here, or a messy bun. I have done it both ways and they both look cute. ~ENJOY!!

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leslie said...


What a cute blog, I love the song. I still don't think that I could ever do hair that cute. I might have to hire you for a special occasion some day. I think about you and your girls often and pray that the adoption goes as it should. They are so beautiful and you are obviously a great mother. I get such a happy feeling when I see you with your girls. Best of luck and thank you so much for showing me the process. (I'm handicapped in the hair department).