Thursday, September 4, 2008

Britt Bakes!!

Brittney was without a school Tuesday, kind of a funny story. Short version...she is transferring from BCHS to SECTA (I have NO idea what that stands for, I know it as VO-Tech) so she can start pursuing her career in Culinary Arts. The computer system was down at BCHS so they couldn't officially send her records to SECTA therefore SECTA couldn't officially accept her so, she was a student without a school!! She was bored at home so she came to the place where chaos reigns!!! She was looking to do something so I suggested making cinnamon rolls! Britt hasn't cooked or baked a lot but when she does she is excellent. She has the patience for it just like Papa Hirschi did. I look forward to seeing her open up her bakery and tasting all her creations. Maybe she will even let me help once in a while!!!

Rolling out the dough!

Rollin up the spiced up dough!!

"Cutting" the rolls. She thought the thread method was clever!!

Getting ready to rise.

This was a new bread recipe that we used and it made a huge batch so instead of having four pans of cinnamon rolls Britt decided to make a few loaves of bread and some rolls. We cheated on the rolls and just put them in a cupcake tin!!

The finished cinnamon rolls! They were yummy!!! Britt did great!!

Tell me that loaf of bread doesn't look delicious!!!

Britt tasting her bread! She was so happy with the way all her goodies turned out. I think it made her feel really good that her family enjoyed them so much. Erik claimed a loaf of bread to take as his lunch for work, Amanda, Caitlin and I kept "sneaking" a bite of this or that, and the little girls kept asking for more!! Thanks Britt for a fun day and all the yummy breads!

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